Co - Ed Volleyball

Updated Monday June 26, 2017 by Blake Wilsford.

Co - Ed Volleyball is an outreach to those who want to participate in adult sports in a Christian Based atmosphere.  The goal of Co - Ed Volleyball is to provide an opportunity for men and women to play volleyball, fellowship and have some fun.  There is prayer before and after every game.  While sports breeds competition and intensity, we believe as a Christian based organization that Christ like attitudes and actions can be displayed while enjoying a game so many of us like to play!  So let the spiking begin!

Program Details:

  • Christian Based Program
  • 6 week season + end of season tournament.  
  • Single matches with 3 games 
  • Team Fee:  $250
  • Ages 16 and up
  • Game Dates and Location: Sundays (3, 4, 5 and 6pm) @ Combs Middle School

2017 Program Dates:

  • Summer Season: Aug 6 - Sep 24 (Registration will run Jun 1 - Jul 23)

To register a team please log in to your account and register as a coach to secure your teams spot.  Don't have an account it's simple to create one!  Just click log in at the top of the page and create your new account.

*Don't have a team and want to play!  Email us with the subject line FREE AGENT and let us know!  We will do our best to get you placed onto a team.*

Questions?  Email us at